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Home Blogs NASATalk Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

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14 Jun 2012

Here are some common questions about NASATalk:

How can NASATalk help me learn more about how to integrate NASA education resources into my teaching?

Do I need to register / login before I post or to comment?

Why do I have to enter the Captcha text when I post? 

Why register on NASATalk?

Captcha is gone for users.

What to do when Captcha doesn’t match – it’s still there.

How do I insert a picture?

What do I do if I am blocked?

What’s the history of NASATalk?

What platform/sources does NASATalk use?

Who pays for this?

How can NASATalk help me learn more about how to integrate NASA education resources into my teaching?

Answer: NASATalk uses the Joomla! Open source collaborative platform to provide a way to STEM educators to find out about NASA resources and products available and how teachers are using these.  NASATalk uses a combination of Web 2.0 strategies to work toward this goal.  The front page is updated weekly to feature live events happening at NASA with links to educational resources available.  The featured blogs and collaboratives provide discussions of timely STEM-related topics and related NASA resources and opportunities that support these topical areas of interest.  Three areas that web tracking shows as areas of educator interest are robotics to support STEM learning, climate science education resources, and mobile devices that support K-12 STEM education.  Finally, NASATalk features a special award for educators who show special ability to integrate NASA products and resources through the STELLAR awards.  We encourage STEM educators to become active discussants and discussion leaders (hosting their own collaborative or blog) on NASATalk.  Please share your areas of interest by contacting the NASATalk team at

Do I need to register / login before I post or to comment?

Answer: To comment on a post you do not need to register or login. To post new articles you will need to register for an account and login with that user account.

Why do I have to enter the Captcha text when I post?

captchaAnswer: The Captcha text (the little box with funny letters in it like those at right) is designed to help us prevent spam bots from posting unwanted / inappropriate material on the site. If you register and login then you will not be required to enter the Captcha when posting or commenting.

Why register on NASATalk?

Answer: By registering on NASATalk you join a vibrant community of researchers and educators who want to share information. Registered users can post and comment without having to enter the Captcha text as above. And we can keep you abreast of the latest developments in the NASATalk community. We will never share your information with any other party. Period.

Captcha is gone for users

Answer: If the site sees that you are a registered user, then the Captcha text is not necessary.

What to do when Captcha doesn’t match – it’s still there.

Answer: Sometimes you may enter the Captcha text incorrectly. So, no problem, just hit the Back button on your browser and look at the bottom of the page. Your text is still there, and you may enter the Captcha again to save your post.


How do I insert a picture?

Answer: When posting a new article or blog post, an editor will open similar in appearance to the image at right.

To insert an image into a post, simply click on the Insert/Edit Image button Insert image on the last row of the toolbar. This will open an Image Manager box similar to the image below and left.ImagaManager

To upload an image click the Upload Image button Upload image which is in the middle, near the right side of the window. Now, hit the Browse button, locate your image file (as if your are navigating to it on your own computer) and highlight it, then click the Upload button. Now you should see the name of your image file in bold in the center window of the dialogue box (you may have to scroll down a bit to see it). Double click it, and then hit the Insert button. That's it, your image should now show in your post.

To adjust the size or alignment of the image, select it in your post then hit the Insert/Edit Image button to bring up the Image Manager box again. 

Note: Comments do not contain images, so don't fret over them.

What do I do if I am blocked? Blocked

Occasionally you may see an image similar to the one at right. This means that your IP address is currently blocked by our spam / exploits filter. To resolve this issue, please contact us at Please include your IP address in your e-mail. If you do not know your IP address, please go to and copy the numbers after the text, "Your IP Address Is:".

What’s the history of NASATalk?

Answer: The idea for NASATalk grew out of a 2006 Classroom of the Future™ edtech study about tools to support STEM learning.  As a result of the study’s best practice guidelines, NASA sought to develop and test a virtual community that discussed how educators used NASA resources in their classrooms.  The content collaborative, originally named the EdTech Collaborative, started in 2007 and changed its name to NASATalk in 2009.

What platform/sources does NASATalk use?

Answer: NASATalk is built with the Joomla! Content Management Sysytem (CMS) which is hosted on a Linux server running the powerfu, open-source Apache web server.

Who pays for this? 

Answer: NASATalk is funded by grants from the National Aeronautics and Sapce Administration or NASA.

Last update (20 Jun 2012)


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