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This workshop introduces middle through high school teachers to Pro/ENGINEER, a 3D design and modeling software, and how it can be used to support science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) standards of learning and 21st Century skills. Participants will be introduced to 3D engineering software through guided practice exercises and expert demonstrations of the basic and most useful tools. Participants will be given school-tested examples of how Pro/E can be used in a variety of grade level and content teaching settings. Participants will engage in face-to-face and online discussions prior to, during, and immediately following this workshop.

Teachers attending this workshop will receive a 300-seat license to incorporate the Pro/Engineer educator edition of this software into their teaching. This is one of the West Viriginia Teaching for the Future summer 2008 workshops.

The course syllabus is linked as a pdf download below as well as a few introductory readings that we want you to review prior to the workshop. This is going to be a great workshop, and will provide teachers with a great opportunity to incorporate 21st Century Skills into their curriculum.

Please tag any blog entries that you make about the Pro/E workshop with the ProENGINEER 08 tag. View all the Pro/E blog entries

Group Announcements

  • Two NASA Events Targeting Engineering Design
    Registration Open for the 16th Annual Great Moonbuggy Race

    High school and college students design and build a vehicle that addresses a series of engineering problems similar to those faced by the original lunar-roving vehicle team.

    2009 RASC-AL Competition for College Students

    RASC-AL is a design project competition aimed at university-level engineering students. The RASC-AL contest challenges university students to think about what sorts of conditions astronauts will face when they return to the moon, then design projects that may become part of actual lunar exploration.

    Read more in article about NASA Design Competitions
  • Register Now for the PTC DesignQuest Challenge!
    For the third year, PTC is holding a global design competition that is open to all students whose school or university is currently enrolled in the PTC Global Education Program, using Pro/ENGINEER or Pro/DESKTOP. Children of employees ARE eligible to compete this year!

    We invite all eligible students to participate in the DesignQuest Challenge and compete for great prizes and the chance to be the 2009 PTC Global Education Program Grand Prize Winner.

    The submission deadline will be April 30, 2009.


    To be eligible, the contestants (group or individual) must be part of a school currently enrolled in the PTC Global Education Program. The contestant must be a registered student in the ’08-’09 school year. In addition, the contestants must be sponsored by a teacher at their school.

    Submission Categories

    - Secondary School
    - Post Secondary (above grade level 12, college/university students)

    Students will be competing against other students around the world within their grade levels. Students can use either Pro/ENGINEER or Pro/DESKTOP to create their designs.
    5 students from each category will be chosen as finalists, for a total of 10 finalists. The top winner from each category will be chosen by members of the PTC/USER community ( - for a total of 2 GRAND PRIZE WINNERS! There will be prizes awarded to all ten finalists.

    How To Enter

    Please complete and submit the registration form. Once you have registered, you will receive an invitation to a PTC ProjectLink project, where a personal folder will be created for you to get more information and to submit your work. Register Now!

    For complete competition information visit:
    With the theme, "Behind the Scenes: Theme Parks," Triangle Coalition member, the Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS), has launched its TEAMS competition for the 30th school year to high school students throughout the country. Once again this year, the one-day TEAMS competition will provide 14,000 students in grades nine through 12 with the opportunity to make real-world connections between math and science to engineering by solving actual engineering scenarios. This year, students will discover the engineering involved in designing, building, and running America's theme parks.

    To bring the excitement of the competition directly into the hands of students across the country, JETS has partnered with Hot Lava Software to develop a series of short multiple-choice questions called JETS Bytes

    These questions are posted online at

    JETS Bytes are posted bi-weekly online and have covered topics on roller coaster and water ride design, amusement park safety, park navigation, and animatronics. These same topics are the focus of the 2009 TEAMS Competition. While the content and scope of questions in the actual competition will be more academically challenging than the JETS Bytes, their intent is the same: to get students excited about engineering.

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