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Select a predefined style from the drop-down or choose your own colors via the handy mooRainbow based color-chooser. When you are satisfied with your selection, click the "Apply Colors" button below to store your selection in a cookie.

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Users commented Educational Uses of Second Life for DLN Staff: Read This Before the Tour

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Changing Avatar appearance

ps Mac/Firefox

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Regarding Changing Avatar Appearance

I can think of a few suggestions to help you with changing your avatar appearance.  First, Terry is right, the easiest fix is to make sure you click the SAVE button before existing the "change appearance" interactive field.

Two other suggestions are (1) if you picked up clothing or hair or skin at a "freebie" location, you usually have to set these "boxes" outside your avatar and open them and then select those you want to "WEAR."  (2) You mention that you are using Second Life through a browser.  You may find that downloading the software and working directly from Second Life is more efficient and has less drag.  We'll take a few minutes at the start of the tour to review a few key tips about appearance.

These were great questions.  Thanks both of you for posting!! 


SL: Youcee