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Mercury Atlas Rocket Lesson Plans

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Written by lruberg45!
24 Jan 2011
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The Mercury Atlas rocket (shown here) was first developed as an Air Force Intercontinental Ballistic Missile. These photos were gathered by Honie Lui, of Independence High School, Independence, Ohio, in May, 2005, as part of a Senior Shadowing Project. We recently received a request from a civil engineering student about the Mercury Atlas Rocket documents.  As I worked through our server to locate and review these files, I thought that these lesson plans might also be useful to teachers and mentors who are involved in the current Real World Design Challenge.  We are making all of the files available for download for this Pro-Engineer lesson. The set of Mercury Atlas Rocket files were created by a middle school math teacher, Jonathan Samaroo, who had experience as a professional technical draftsman in his early career years.  Mr. Samaroo developed these files as part of his Pro-Engineer certification and completion of educational technology graduate credits at Wheeling Jesuit University.

Here is a list of the resources and associated type of files provided in the Mercury Atlas Rocket educational activity folder:

  • Scanned 2-D drawings of the Mercury Atlas rocket (Adobe PDF)
  • A lesson plan (designed for middle school math teachers) for integrating this as a formal classroom activity (WORD file)
  • A rubric for grading student work (Excel)
  • Related technical files including Pro-Engineer self-executable 3-D drawings, assembly, information, and 3-D dimension files

Download the Mercury Atlas Rocket lesson folder.

Share your comments on the activity and how you use this lesson with your students using the Comment tool provided below.

Last update (09 Feb 2012)


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Mercury Atlas Rocket Lesson Plans
Written by: Jonathan Samaroo On: 23 Mar 2011
My e-mail did not print' Here it is: Tel. 304 242-1694 Jonathan Samaroo

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Mercury Atlas Rocket Lesson Plans
Written by: Jonathan Samaroo On: 23 Mar 2011

To the student who made the inquiry about this lesson. You may have come upon these plans on a flashdrive? I lost some flashdrives. They were NOT stolen - lost by accident. I would like to recover them together with a school notebook with my Calculus notes. I have the the PTC  Pro/Engineer program which could be loaded on a computer. If you could contact me about these matters, I will be very glad. Those calculus notes are valuable to me. Thank you.

Jonathan Samaroo

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