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Home NASA Connections Planet Hopping: Exploring the Solar System with Mathematics

Planet Hopping: Exploring the Solar System with Mathematics

Grade Level 5-8, 4, 5, 6
Subject Matter Physical Science, Math
Target Audience Students
Event Focus How is each planet in our solar system unique?
Weblink to Program For more details click here

How high can you jump on Mars? Which planet has the most moons? Find out the answers to these questions and many more as you tour the solar system with NASA. In this highly interactive session students will use mathematics to explore and learn characteristics of the planets in our solar system.
Instructional Objectives
As students hop through the Solar System, they will complete equations that require the use of both multiplication and division. During the video conference, the children will write down at least one fact from each of the eight planets. They will demonstrate mastery by comparing whole numbers and decimals to determine which planets they can jump the highest and lowest on.

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Great Program!
Written by: Julie Gaetano On: 01 Jun 2009
We did this program with eigth graders.  It went very well, and they were actively engaged the entire time.  The facilitator was enthusiastic and related well to their age group.  The science and math were very appropriate for their level, and they had fun doing the calculations.  Additionally, the DLN staff was very flexible and helpful in accomodating our unusual schedule, which we really appreciated.

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Planet Hopping feedback
Written by: D. Coyle-Quirk On: 01 Jun 2009
My 5th grade class of 22 students enjoyed the program.  The facilitator, (dark haired woman can't remember name) was very enthusiastic and great with the kids.  They had fun doing the math but did expect more science than math.   

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5th grade mathematics
Written by: Mary Arnold On: 30 May 2009
My students loved this presentation!  It involved so much relevant math, yet the students weren't really aware that they were doing some pretty complex calulations.  You did such a great job of bringing the material down to their level of understanding!

0 + | -
Written by: Karen Clayton On: 29 May 2009
Great program.  Kids loved the actual interaction.  I was not fully prepared with the handout and materials for the students, it was not clear to me that I needed to sheet for each student, pencils, meter stick...  I am not sure where I was to get that info.  Other than that the experience was great. Thanks!

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Planet Hopping
Written by: Rachael Manzer On: 29 May 2009

We did this program with third grade students.  It was AWESOME!  It was a great way for students to learn about the planets in the solar system and review their math skills they have been working on all year long. The students loved the program because they were a part of the program.  They did not just sit there and listen, they were ACTIVE participants.  Thank you NASA!


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Feedback on Planet Hopping module
Written by: Steven On: 13 Feb 2009
Is the measurement activity within Planet Hopping a useful activity?

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