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NASA Careers

Grade Level 5-8, 5, 6, 7, 8
Subject Matter Language Arts
Target Audience Students
Event Focus When you think of NASA, what careers come to mind? Did you immediately think of astronauts? Thousands of NASA employees, contractors, and industry partners work together to send astronauts safely into space. How might different career paths in science, technology, engineering and mathematics help support NASA?s Vision for Exploration?
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It is wonderful to read about different careers at NASA. But what if you could talk to a person who actually works at NASA? That is exactly what the students participating in this videoconference get to do. In this videoconference students learn about many of the career opportunities to them at NASA with a focus on NASA careers in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields.
Instructional Objectives

As measured by the pre- and post-assessments, students will develop an increased awareness of careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
• By using the NASA Quest website, students will demonstrate critical thinking skills by conducting research and writing a short description that highlights a career in STEM.
• Using the career debrief sheet, students will reflect upon STEM careers presented during the videoconference. This will be evident through discussions occurring during the videoconference.
• Students will summarize the information gained from the videoconference and conduct their own research in order to creating brochure that will be made available to the student body.

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JYMS 6th grade gifted science class
Written by: Dornswalo McCorey On: 02 Jun 2009

 To whom it may concern,

I would like to thank you for allowing my students to participate in the virtual reality presentation about careers.  The students throughly enjoyed the distance learning experience.  The majority of the students were engaged the entire time during  he process. Cool

The most impressive quality was not only was the NASA instructor intelligent but also extremely kid friendly.  I think the students could truly relate to him. The students felt safe to ask questions and interact with him.  Normally, it can be difficult for adults to break down scientifc concepts to people in general.  So,for the instructor to be able to connect with 6th grade children in a non threatening educational environment was truly amazing!

I know the kids gleaned a plethora of information from this meaningful exchange of ideas. The following week we did a reflection activity about the NASA distance learning activity and they all had positive comments. 

I hope to schedule more activities like this in the future to expose our students to various aspects of science.  My job is to provide my students with various learning experiences; field trips, virtual activities, labs, critical thinking opportunities,  as well as hands on activities.  I would add this activity to my teaching repertoire of strategies. Wink 

Thanks to Mrs. Saggendorf and Ms. Wylie for the wonderful set up; everything went extremely smooth. 

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Not for me
Written by: Edwar Sepúlveda On: 29 May 2009

 I don't undesrtand yet, why last year we couldn't have or participate in that program(Videoconference)?, either i don't understand why i have in the database that people who had the videoconference. Anyway I imagine that should be great. 



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NASA Careers
Written by: Mary B. On: 29 May 2009
The NASA Careers videoconference was a wonderful experience for our combined classes of Technology Applications and Life Skills. Our host was very friendly and patient.

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Nasa Careers
Written by: Gerda Wise On: 28 May 2009

I just wanted to tell you that our students really enjoyed the Nasa Careers Video conference.  Many of our students attending were our most at risk students, but all seemed to enjoy hearing about the many careers that Nasa has to offer. Thanks again for making available this free program. I would highly recommend it to other high schols and middle schools. 

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NASA Careers
Written by: Corlette Hill On: 28 May 2009
Great event! The speaker was extremely knowledgeable and connected well with the students.

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Written by: Melanie Turner On: 28 May 2009

This program is one of the best videoconferences that I have seen yet. In my county, I work with the school counselors to arrange these sessions for our fifth graders each year as part of their career studies.

I have connected many times with Scott Anderson of Marshall Space Flight Center and recently with Damon Talley of Kennedy. Both gentlemen do an outstanding job engaging the students and exciting them about the career opportunities at NASA.

As a VC coordinator, I see LOTS of these sessions. It never gets old due to the personalized nature of the program. The students lead much of the discussion by choosing from a massive Power Point slide of careers. I would recommend this VC to everyone.

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